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kapak-arkakapak-onANCIENT DIVINE LIGHT
(Master Plan of Our Universe) and an essay on “Theory of Everything”
By Tamer Kutdoga

Today, the answer of question: “True? For whom? For what?” which will remove the chaos in the world, can be given after understanding the “UNIVERSAL GEOMETRY” (Crystalographic Geometry) which is the homogeneous summary since Mathematics the alphabet of all sciences, appeals to the eye. The study in this book shows that the geometric figure which anyone could easily understand, is the “Regular pentahedron” (B in Part Three, E-III in Part Four) which is the first piece of Plato’s Regular Tetrahedron which is the basis of Universal Geometry and also Master Plan of the Universe. When the triangle be-tween the head and hands of Mawlawi dervish is connected with the feet “TRIANGULAR PYRAMID” in other words “Geometry of Mawlawi Dervish” comes out.
In the first part of the book some modern knowledge about UNIVERSE, and in the se-cond part some modern knowledge about HUMAN BEINGS are given. In the third part, as per the modern knowledge in the previous parts, it is concluded that the synthesis of uni-verse and human beings is the “TRIANGULAR PYRAMID” which represents the human beings (means micro cosmos) and which is also the geometry of Mawlawi Dervish. The result according to the “new Theory of Everything” in the 4th Chapter was the same. In case such a simple summary of Universe which everybody can under-stand, is generally approved by the academic authorities, the World can be the key to Heaven.


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